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Greater convenience with our new integrations!

Integrations to Parents Gateway and FlexiList is now live! This means a seamless workflow and greater convenience for you.

You can use All Ears for

Subject combination and CCA selection exercises

Collect preferences, set criteria, allocate, and disseminate results 

Class, workshop, and activity feedback

Collect feedback from parents, students, and staff

Slot and appointment booking

Set up slots, collect preferences, and plan your schedule

Events, votes, and selection 

Gather votes or preferences for school-wide or class events

Why use All Ears?

Track responses to each student and staff

We help you to keep track of form completion every step of the way. Simply check who has not responded and remind them.

Personalise forms for each student

Customise a personalised form down to a specific student. Upload students’ information and apply the display condition to your questions.

Allocation Excel templates

Simplify your subject and CCA allocation process when you collect student responses on All Ears and tap on our allocation excel templates.

Gain more insights from our data visualisation

Responses collected are presented visually with bar graphs and pie charts to support your analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is All Ears Form Builder?

All Ears Form Builder is a data collection tool that is integrated with school and class lists in School Cockpit. This means that school users can create forms and assign them to specific students, classes and/or school staff to collect responses. These responses can be easily tracked to monitor the response rate and identify non-respondents. 

There are other features such as personalised forms for individuals, response analytics and Excel templates to facilitate Subject Combination and CCA Allocation Exercises, further supporting a variety of school processes.

What is the security and sensitivity level of All Ears?

All Ears' levels of data security and sensitivity are Official (Closed) and Sensitive (Normal) respectively. This is the same classification as School Cockpit. 

What is the difference between All Ears and FormSG?

Unlike FormSG, All Ears is a versatile form builder tailored for schools which allows school staffs to assign forms securely to specific classes/students and track their responses. 

It offers personalised form options, which can be used to support schools' processes e.g. Collection of students' CCA preferences through a CCA selection form that display gender-specific CCA options/questions, their age or grades etc. 

All Ears also supports important school processes like the annual subject combination and CCA allocation exercises with downloadable allocation excel templates.

Can I create a form that allows each student to view their own data only e.g. subjects taken?

You may get your students to check their personal data/subjects through the following steps.

Can All Ears extract students' results directly from school cockpit?

No. Currently All Ears does not have direct access to students' data in School Cockpit. However, you may upload students' results/data into All Ears and then customise the form instructions to disseminate the results to the individual student.

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